Community Living

Students will learn to access their community through local services, churches, support groups, friendships, as well as many organizations they may become members of. The Milestones staff also supports all of its students to pursue their passions and find the joy in their surroundings.

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Apartment living provides independence. 24 hour supervision and support provided by our mentors, or life coaches, provides safety and accountability.

The peaceful resort town provides an active clean environment while minimizing the risks of a big city. A time tested emotional growth curriculum provides

practical life changing skills second to none. Family members have the peace of mind to know that their young adult is receiving structure, support, and supervision to be successful.

Milestones utilize a network of connections at the colleges, work places, volunteer opportunities and support for mental health care. These connections are all ready, willing and able to assist our participants to succeed.

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Milestones’ curriculum integrates development of life management, emotional growth, career and academic skills. Each participant has a mentor/life coach to provide support.

Together they develop an optimized plan that meets the participants’ needs and the families’
requests, within the parameters of the program.

To assist in developing a personal plan, Milestones offers a variety of assessment and career counseling components.

The goals and objectives of the plan define the experiences the participant will pursue and provide the support he or she needs to become successful.