Milestones for Young Adults

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After 18 years Milestones and its staff continue to teach a recipe for healthy independent living.

Students will learn organization, time management, healthy dietary habits, living space cleanliness, cooking skills, fundamental budgeting skills, decision making techniques, conflict resolution, interview techniques as well as work force training, and interpersonal communication.

Milestones participants receive academic guidance and support as they go to college, complete their high school education if needed, or enroll in vocational training. Participants learn life skills, as minor or in-depth as needed, emotional growth, career skills and hold a job if appropriate for the individuals program. Students are mentored with life skills needed and practice these in a supervised, independent living environment.
Milestones provides a blend of independence and supervision, so struggling young adults can experience successful living experiences and have the tools to continue being successful with the rest of their lives.