Claudia Peterson

Claudia Peterson Admissions Director

Claudia Peterson Admissions Director/Parent Coach

Claudia Peterson has worked in therapeutic programming for 22 years and has come to share her expertise  with parents.  She has worked in admissions for the last 14 years helping parents place students in wilderness programming and in young adult transition.  Claudia joined Milestones in 2007 as director of admissions.  Since then she has been an asset to the staff, students, and parents.  Claudia has guided parents through the difficult times of transitioning to adulthood.  Claudia moved to North Idaho in 1981 and has raised 6 children of her own and has fourteen grand children with one great grandchild as testimonial to her experience with children and young adults.  Claudia enjoys working with horticulture, cooking, sewing and RV camping.